An Extra Makeup Look

Makeup is magical. Seriously though, you can make your face shine with a rainbow highlighter, turn your eyelids glittery, and even have blue lips. There really is no limit to what you can do with an eyeshadow palette and some brushes, never mind an entire makeup case full of products. Makeup is an art and makeup artist are exactly that - artists.

Last month while I was in Calgary my cousin, Madison (the one with the ambitious idea to wake up before the crack of dawn and go to Moraine Lake) gave me an extra makeover. Madison of @MadsPrettyMakeup on Instagram is a self-taught makeup artist. She loves glitter, glow and lashes!

The look she came up with on me is very extra. It's definitely something I'm not accustom to wearing, but never the less I completely loved it. From the gorgeous eye to the eyebrow gems I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it all turned out. I like to describe this look as modern Egyptian. Think Cleopatra 2017, a bold wing, cut crease, and lashes. I mean for real... look at that cut crease though! 

MadsPrettyMakeup doing her thing. 

While she was doing my makeup I asked Madi a few makeup must-know questions.

TTF: What inspired you to get into makeup?

MPM: "I love how I can make people feel good about themselves and I love highlighting their beautiful features."

TTF: If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life what would it be?

[Side note: I totally knew she was going to answer with that. Girl loves to GLOW.]

TTF: Top five holy grail products?

MPM: "Hourglass Veil Primer, Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Anastasia Beverley Hills DIPBROW Pomade, Anastasia Beverley Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit [Side note: Total holy grail of mine too!], and Aveeno Face Toner."

TTF: You have five minute to do your makeup, what do you do?

MPM: "Keep it simple. Eyebrows, mascara, and some lip gloss." 

Eyeshadow: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
Eyeliner: NYX Matte Liquid Liner
Lashes: Ardell Lashes Faux Minx 812
Foundation: MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation
Highlighter: Anastasia Beverley Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit
Lips: Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Ginger 

For more makeup looks and inspiration, follow Madi on Instagram @MadsPrettyMakeup. If you're in the Calgary area and looking to get your makeup done message Madi on Instagram.

Taking Care of Your Blond Hair Between Appointments

As a naturally dark-haired brunette, getting a blond ombré was not an easy or cheap decision. If you've been following me since I started this blog then you may be familiar with my hair transformation. It's been over a year and a half since I first ombréd my hair. Since then I've cut my hair, and re-ombréd it at least twice.

But being a natural brunette means that keeping up with my blond hair between appointments takes some effort. I use special shampoo and conditioner, get it toned often, and try not to use a lot of heat tools on it. These little things that have helped my hair stay healthy. So when I was approached to try a lightening spray that isn't harsh and doesn't use ANY bleach, you can say I was pretty intrigued.

The Sun Lightening Spray by Klorane is said to be a gentle product that works on even bleached blond hair to give it "honey-blond highlights". The spray's featured ingredients are chamomile and honey. According to Klorane's website, "chamomile extra has been used for generations for its natural hair lightening properties."

The company started over 50 years ago, with its founding product being the Golden Highlights Shampoo. The shampoo is the original Klorane chamomile product for those with blond hair. They also carry a conditioner along with Lightening Spray in the chamomile line.

It sounds too good to be true, right? I just had to put it to the test on my colour-treated hair. So I grabbed my bottled sunshine, a comb and gave it a shot!

1. Following the instructions, I grabbed sections and sprayed my ends. I made sure not to soak my hair. 
Fun fact: It can be used on towel dried or completely dry hair!

2. Right after spraying a section I combed through it to evenly spread the product. 
Fun Fact: There's no oxygenated water in it, so no need to worry about your hair turning orange.

3. I continued the process until my head was done.
Fun Fact: You don't have to use a blow dryer to make the product work. 

Top: Dynamite

After my first use I noticed the pieces around my face looked blonder, my hair felt softer, and the rest of my ombré brighter. Not to mention this stuff smells absolutely amazing. The instructions also say to use up to three times a week, and after three weeks it should reach its best results. Since this is a gradual product, I'm excited to see the full results after a couple more weeks of use (I'll keep you updated on my Instagram page (@TheTrendyFiles). But honestly so far, it's doing a really good job of keeping my blond hair looking fresh and like I spent the day in the sun!

Thank you to Langton PR for sending me this product to review. 
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