Shorts for Going Out

I've been absolutely loving wearing cute heels with shorts. It's one of my favourite go-to outfits for going out. Today's look is one that I think would be great for any night out. It's dressy, yet casual and super comfortable which is always a bonus. 

'22' Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! Okay, I'm feeling pretty bad right now, the last time I posted was twenty days ago on April 30 (SO SORRY!). If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter than you might have seen that I was in Chicago for a week with my fellow classmates, it was my last time being with them before we all graduate and I had a blast. But, because of that I fell into vacation mode and lost my posting rhythm. I'm hoping that now I've posted finally that will all change and I will be back to posting weekly.

Anyways, let's move on. Today I'm going to be showing you a step-by-step makeup tutorial that is centred on Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit in the colour 22. This gorgeous rustic orange shade is so perfect for all year round, but today I focused on a light and airy spring/summer look. Side note: I'm also turning 22 at the end of the month so I feel like this may very well be my birthday makeup too.

On to the look!

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