What's Inside My Bag?

Some of my favourite posts to read or YouTube videos to watch are the 'Whats in My Bag?' ones. I feel like you can learn a lot about a person from these posts/videos. So today I decided to do one of those posts. These are the items I find essential to carry around on a day-to-day basis.

The bag I'm currently using is this structured faux leather handbag (with a long strap) from Aldo Shoes.

What's inside?

• Sunglasses
• Hand sanitizer: I love the little Bath & Body Works ones
• Hair ribbon
• Makeup bag
     • Blotting tissues: great for quickly fixing up any shinny spots on your face
     • Powder
     • Lip balm
     • Compact mirror
• Gloves: because it's freezing in Canada
• Hand lotion: Coconut is my favourite scent
• Mini on-the-go manicure set: I get hangnails all the time this is a must for me
• Wallet
• Cell phone

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  1. i pretty much have the same kinds of stuff in my bag!! :D

    Have a great week!
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